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Suffering from Allergies?

Sealing air leaks can keep out allergens and help maintain your home's indoor air quality.

At  A+ Insulation Services

We offer one-stop home performance services to ensure that your southwest Wisconsin home is healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Our broad range of services includes:

Home Performance Audits

Blown Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation Sealing

Insulation Removal

We also work closely with contractors and builders to ensure that new construction and remodeling projects are designed to perform well in all conditions, long-term and year-round.

Home Insulation with Energy Start

Properly insulating your home is one of the most basic and important  steps you can take to achieve year-round comfort while lowering your energy costs. Most older homes, and newer homes too, can benefit from additional insulation in the attic, exterior walls,  overhangs, sill boxes, or the foundation. For even greater results, consider insulating and air sealing at the same time. It’s a strategy that works to prevent wasted energy and money from slipping through the cracks, and it quickly pays for itself in reduced utility bills.

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Why Us?

A+ Insulation Services can help design a well-functioning and comprehensive insulation and ventilation system for your home. Our advanced testing techniques can point out air leaks, temperature imbalances, blocked vents, and more. A+ is a certified contractor you can trust.

Certified and Preferred Contractors of Xcel Energy

Member of the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association

Improving air sealing and insulation offers you more cost saving benefits than virtually any other home improvement project, plus it will pay for itself over time.  A+ Insulation Services of the Chippewa Valley is here to help you update your home’s insulation. A thorough inspection will be performed by our certified professional installers to determine your current insulation levels and what options are available for updating your home.

Increased Comfort - Affordable Insulation

Insulation slows down the movement of heat to keep it where you want it.  That means out in the summertime, and in during the chilly winter months.  Benefits include:

Lower utility bills

Better humidity control

Reduced noise and drafts from outside

Less pollen, dust and fewer insects (or pests) entering your home

Lower chance for ice dams on the roof/eaves in snowy climates

A+ Insulation Services has the expertise to make your home comfortable all year long. We look forward to serving you—just contact us today!


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